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Black Belt Bombshell

Women’s Life Coaching Program

  • Conquer Gym Phobia and Exercise Procrastination
  • Unlock Your Authentic Power
  • Command Sustainable Habits that You Love
  • and Feel Like a Million Bucks!!!!




Meet Your Life Coach

Let me teach you how to unlock your authentic power and your courage to do new things. I didn’t even start my aerial practice until I was 48 years old. I’m 51 now and loving every minute of these antics! 

Martial Arts Philosophy

I’m excited to teach you the martial arts philosophies and strategies that 

Coaching and Teaching

I’ve been educating clients for almost 20 years. I taught college, too! My Psych 101 mini-lessons make it easy for you to understand yourself. No quizzes and no final exam! Just a fun learning enviroment that helps you have that “aha!” moment!

Hello! My name is Diana Zilly, MS, MA, LCPC, CH, CCTP, and I am a clinically licensed expert in counseling, psychology, hypnotherapy, mindfulness, and meditation. I also have a rich background in martial arts, yoga, and aerial arts (trapeze, lyra, and pole). My company, MantraSana LLC, provides programs and products that inform, inspire, and empower people to overcome fears and become themselves.

Having taught college psychology classes for many years, I use my online teaching skills to deliver content that draws directly from these mind/body practices. As an artist and writer, I emphasize the vital need for each person’s self-expression.

I believe that people learn best when they understand themselves and are provided with authentic learning experiences. Coaching content needs to be compelling yet also relevant and accessible. When you are empowered to learn, you have the world at your feet. Doors open to your heart’s desire.

Join me here at MantraSana Studio and open the door to your own world of personal growth and transformation.

Thank you for visiting MantaSana. I hope you explore the many programs and products available here to enrich your life.

MantraSana is all about “purposely good vibes”, supporting humanitarian nonprofit organizations. 


– Diana Zilly, MA, MS, LCPC, CH, CCTP
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